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 Some may think Whim Wham Vapes is a weird name to choose,
but I chose it because a whim wham is “a whimsical object or device especially of ornament or dress;
or fancy object”. I think E-Cigs are fanciful, unusual, fantastic and can even be playful at times!

I had a team of just me, myself & I…….but along came Andrew, and now Christian too, “The Whim Wham Crew”! I also have a very supportive husband to help us along! I purchased my first e cig kit (808D) on August 2nd, 2011. My husband (John) had never been a smoker. I later found out that he secretly, to himself, gave me 5 days of using the e cig before switching back to traditional cigarettes. Much to his surprise, after a 35 year habit, I have been tobacco free ever since! He gives me 110% support, helping with anything he can even as he fights Spindle Cell Sarcoma. I am very lucky and proud to have him and I would be very lost without him!

Update: My Loving Husband passed away on December 29th, 2013. RIP John, I miss you so much. 

I invested in my own brick and mortar shop here in my hometown, Pendleton SC (opened Feb 1, 2012). With most of the town being so unaware of what e cigs are, I knew that I had to do more to make the rent and overhead costs of running my shop.  Ten months later, after MUCH  frustration, stress, researching, very little sleep, and even some tears at times (and oh………did I say frustration and tears…lol)……….HERE WE ARE, FINALLY!

Yet another awesome employee has joined the Whim Wham crew as of March 2014….my son, Joshua!

To the best of our abilities, We promise to provide you with the best customer service, along with great products and prices to deliver the most pleasing and satisfying vaping experience for each and all that shops at  WhimWhamVapes.com!  Any suggestions are welcome………..email with any concerns through the Contact Us tab.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Shiela J Wood, Owner


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