1000mAh VGO Stainless 808D-1 Battery

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VGO 808D Battery, 1000mAh

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1000mAh VGO Stainless 808D-1 Battery

1000mAh VGO Stainless 808D-1 Battery manufactured by Kanger,  will last a long time between charges. Unlike most eGo style batteries, the VGO’s button has a soft rubber feel to it. It sports an orange LED at the end of the battery, which glows when the button is pressed and also, it will stay on as the battery charges. When the charge is complete, the LED will turn off. A great battery for the 808 lover! You can find the charger for this battery here.


This is a clearance battery and does not come with a warranty. All batteries will be checked to make sure they work before shipping out.







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