eGo T Atomizer, Type A


eGoT Atomizer, Type A

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eGo T Atomizer, Type A

This eGo T, Type A atomizer is compatible with the eGo/eGo T/eGo C battery. The tank contains no filler allowing for a clean taste. The liquid is fed into the coil of the atomizer once the tank is pierced by the spiked coil inside the atomizer. The eGo T, type A atomizer must be used with the type A tank cartridges only. Low resistance atomizers will burn hotter than the standard atomizers and will produce a warmer vape. Keep in mind that low resistance atomizers may burn out quicker than standard resistance atomizers because of the coil heating hotter. Approx rated at 2.0ohm. Atomizers are warrantied only if DOD (dead on delivery).




How to refill the eGo T tank:

-Unpack the ego tank

-Remove the soft prevention cap from bottom of tank

-Drop e liquid into the tank

-Replace the soft prevention cap back on

-Hold the tank and insert in the atomizer tightly until the prevention cap is pierced




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