LR 510/eGo Atomizer, 2 Hole


LR 510/eGo Atomizer

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LR 510/eGo Atomizer, 2 Hole

LR 510/eGo Atomizer, 2 Hole is rated anywhere between 1.7/2.0ohm. Use the atomizer with a 510/eGo cartridge or a 510 drip tip. Low resistance atomizers produce a warmer vape and produce more vapor but have the tendency of not lasting as long as the standard atomizers. Atomizers come with a shipping primer on them which could produce an unpleasant taste for the first few puffs. Keeping the atomizers wet by topping off the cartridges with your own E Liquid, will help prolong the life of the atomizer. Due to the unknown life span of atomizers, it is advised to keep a couple of extra on hand for backup. Sold as single or 5pk.





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