Purple Efest 18650 3100mAh


Purple Efest 18650 3100mAh, 20amp

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Purple Efest 18650 3100mAh

Purple Efest 18650 3100mAh Flat-top is the newest edition to Efests “Purple” line of batteries. Having a continuous 20amp
limit makes it safer for lower ohm builds. The battery will last a good long time by having a high 3100mAh capacity.
Price is for 1 battery.



-Size: 18650 (18mm diameter / 650mm long)
-Type: Li-Mn
-Rated Capacity: 3100mAh (High Drain)
-Nominal Voltage: 3.8V / Peak Voltage: 4.2V
-Rechargeable: Yes
-Protected: No
-Style: Flat Top / Color: purple
-Maximum Rated Discharging Current: 20A
-Maximum Charge Voltage: 4.2V
-Weight: 50g


Please note that due to their inherent safety, IMR cells do not have a protection circuit built in. They should never be discharged below 2.5 volts or cycle life/performance will be reduced. Maximum charge voltage is 4.25 volts. These IMR cells have much lower internal resistance than regular LiIon 3.7V cells and they may end up with a higher ending voltage when charged in certain chargers ( especially older versions of the WF-139 charger ). Please check the voltage of your 18650 IMR battery right out of the
charger to make sure that they are NOT above 4.20V when fully charged with your charger. You can do this with a Multimeter. Overcharging above 4.25V may shorten life/cycles. Above 4.50V may even damage them. DO NOT use the charger if it is overcharging IMR cells.


– Do not over-discharge/overcharge
– Recharge empty batteries ( resting voltage ~3.6V ) as soon as possible. Leaving LiIon batteries in discharged
state will incur irreversible damage ( capacity / cycle loss )
– Do not short circuit ( will release tremendous current )
– Do not dispose of in fire.


Please refer to the Battery Use and Safety” link on Home Page of this website for further knowledge or visit batteryuniversity.com to learn more. Batteries and chargers on this website are to be used at your own risk!



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