808D-1 Horizontal Coil White Cartomizers, 5pk


Kanger 808D-1 Horizontal Coil, White

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808D-1 Horizontal Coil White Cartomizers, 5pk

These 808D-1 Horizontal Coil White Cartomizers, 5pk by Kanger yields great performance, producing great vapor and flavor. They have a soft end cap and will hold around .9 ml of e liquid. To fill, pop the soft end cap off and drip around 18 to 20 drops of liquid down the inside into the filler. Avoid dripping in the center hole, it is for airflow. A full cartomizer is equal to about 6 or 7 traditional cigarettes, then you have to drip more drops. Cartomizers are refillable quite a few times (until they are no longer working good for you). When they start diminishing in vapor production and flavor, just toss and fill a new one! These are sealed in a blister foil pack and have 5 to a box. Resistance rated at 2.7/3.1.


*NOTE: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.






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