Vision V3 eGo CE5 aka Stardust

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Vision V3 eGo Clearomizer CE5 aka Stardust

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Vision V3 eGo CE5 aka Stardust

Vision V3 eGo CE5 aka Stardust will hold 1.6mls of liquid and are rated between 1.8ohm and 2.4ohm. They have the long wicks that perform excellent, producing huge vapor and taste. The big advantage for the Vision V3 is that you can purchase changeable heads and replace the wick with a new one when the performance dies out for about half the price of purchasing a whole new clearomizer. With the eGo threading, the Vision V3 gives a nice finished look to your eGo batteries. It can be used on 510 threaded devices using a 510 to eGo adapter.


-To fill the Vision V3 510 eGo clearomizer (CE5) , unscrew the mouth piece and tilt at an angle and fill down the insides dripping liquid straight from the bottle. Avoid the middle hole in center post, it is for air flow. Screw the drip tip back on and wait a minute or so for the liquid to feed the coil before vaping.


-When the coil head needs replacing on the Vision V3 510 eGo clearomizer, unscrew the bottom tube. Remove the coil head from the center base and screw a new one on. Screw the base back on the the bottom of clearomizer. Replacement changeable coil heads can be purchased in different resistances here.


Note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges with clearomizers.


**I have purchased more CE5’s from the same manufacture that Vision purchases from. Same great clearomizer as Vision but without the logo. Some will have the Vision logo, some will not. All coils are interchangeable and will work with either clearomizer since they are the same and from the same manufacturer.


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2 reviews for Vision V3 eGo CE5 aka Stardust

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    sl.greene96 – Greenville, South Carolina

    Love, love these. Lasts a long time and holds a lot of juice! Easy to swap out coil heads, which last a long time. Gives you a great true taste. Thanks, Sheila, for recommending these for me. Sherry

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    gpennoc – Clemson, South Carolina

    I think these are the best ones yet you don’t get a burned taste after the 3rd refill like the other ones do and best of all you can change the heads what a great way to save your self some money. I like to be able to go shopping and see how much liquid I have and don’t have to worry about having to take extras with me I think they are a whole lot better than just a reg cartomizer. V3 clearomizer is the way to go. Thanks Shiela for leading me into the right way to go, Rene.

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