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The Gripper 3.7 Volt Mod by Smoktech


The Gripper 3.7 Volt Mod by Smoktech

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Product Description

The Gripper 3.7 Volt Mod by Smoktech

The Gripper was designed by Smoktech as a low cost, injection molded 3.7 volt plastic mod, that fits in the palm of your hand! It measures only about 3.5″ tall with the drip tip installed! The gripper uses a 3.7 V 18350 battery and requires a cartomizer at least 44 mm long, all of the XL Cartomizers on this site will work. The cartomizer, when screwed in recesses into the body of the Gripper leaving only the drip tip showing. This design was made so that it could fit neatly in your pocket or easily concealed in your hand making it easy to take with you anywhere. The Gripper has a horn switch on top which your thumb is naturally drawn to. The black exterior has a rubberized coating giving the Gripper a good feel in the palm of your hand. Batteries, drip tips and cartomizers are all replaceable and are sold separately. Price is for the unit only. Clearance items do not come with a warranty, but will be checked before shipping out.


Helpful Notes:
-Use a drip tip on the cartomizer for easier inserting. Screw in only until connection is made (if too tight, it can cause the Gripper’s 510 connector to spin).
-If the draw is tight, add 510 to 510 shorty extension adapter to the end of the cartomizer. This will help increase the air flow.
-When using an 18350 , placing the battery positive side first will not allow the cap to be screwed in all the way. Place the battery in negative side first will solve this issue (flat top 18350 batteries will work by placing the positive end first). If using an 16340 battery, placing the positive end first works just fine.



Additional Information

Dimensions 72mm x 37mm x 24mm mm


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